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Beihaosi sponsor the Banff Mountain Film Festival touring activity in China
Canada coming into China 2010 Banff Mountain Film Festival, screening is the 2nd time in your house this 12 months. Uk qualified outside movement brand beihaosi as Banff Movie Festival things to do of official supplier offers of your Asgard Venture under Chinese translation askard expedition below movie, advised litigation has by beihaosi sponsored of worldwide athletes Liao锟斤拷huoding rate team first instances achievements free climbing has Arctic Circle Baffin Island of Asgard was wellness feared of North 2000 m vertical cliff of story, Oscar documentary Director Alastor seize has its the expedition feat of every moments, Present a people longing for us tour of outdoor exploration. Movie demonstrated through the crew in objectives of the friendship and also the spirit of never ever providing up won the film critics unanimously praise, a lot of outdoor film festival has acquired a lot of awards in your own home and abroad.
Beihaosi delivers the askard expedition in 2010 for the Banff Movie Festival ideal documentary outside rock climbing classes, as being the opening film Film Festival this 12 months participated in the four metropolitan areas in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen) tour showing activity. Beijing displaying activity from September 17-18th in SanLiTun village cinema, popular web-site exceptions, virtually above more than 2000 folks took portion within this film festival in Beijing railway station to observe things to do. Audience with the askard expedition films gave a large appraisal, and actively participated from the interactive actions and model.
September 24, Banff Film Festival in Shanghai Xintiandi UME Cineplex exhibiting, by then Shanghai out of doors lovers could have the chance to watch for the pretty superior praise and repeated winners of your askard expedition.
Immediately after Shanghai, October 15-Banff Movie Festival will come to Chengdu, October 22-will the audience with Shenzhen. PHENIX was started in 1952, through the date of birth to tackle each of the challenges to limit outside things to do and hoped that their merchandise can offer outdoor jeu enthusiasts using the most intimate company. For numerous a long time to limit outside activity earth champion jeu equipments turn out to be the initial preference of, and was desired in Europe, the Asian members in the Royal relatives, as its outdoor jeu specified tools.
锟斤拷锟斤拷As an marketplace pioneer, PHENIX was launched twenty five decades in the past, the 1st overseas research and Enhancement Middle, our technological innovation is dedicated to professional advancement and research of sports clothing. Immediately after quite a few decades of painstaking analysis, the cycle of technology accumulation and also the world's foremost substantial usage of useful products, PHENIX has based on the forefront of your in-depth review on the growth of mechanics and physiology of human shape movement tactics.
锟斤拷锟斤拷PHENIX, with its specialist, not only enjoys a high reputation in the business, also provides a sequence of cooperation projects with other institutions of scientific study and apps, as well as numerous very own unique patents and trademarks, PHENIX happens to be in Europe and America, along with Japan and South Korea major model of high-end ski marketplace, but additionally lays the PHENIX exceptional leadership in specialist and technical exploration and growth.
锟斤拷锟斤拷Among them, by PHENIX impartial exploration and enhancement, includes a skilled significant effectiveness water resistant and moisture permeability materials LEVEC is well value mentioning. LEVEC substantial h2o stress resistance and moisture permeability materials, laminating method when keeping the large amount of drinking water resistance capabilities, continued to guard the system not intrusion from the rain damp while in the rain and snow, effectively protect against rain and snow rainwater although also reaching water vapor permeability, not only to absorb water vapour and moisture, and height to stop condensation and damp air inside the garments, strengthen hold apparel dry and relaxed inside of and exterior.
锟斤拷锟斤拷In addition, LEVEC is divided into three various levels, when it comes to resistance to h2o stress and drinking water vapor permeability vary for different power of outdoor divertissement.
one, Sophisticated Superior Efficiency high water pressure resistance and moisture permeability materials can be used for just a big selection of outdoor things to do, water resistant and moisture permeable processing prevents rain and snow invasion, minimizing outfits moist. (H2o pressure resistance: ten,000mm water vapor permeability: eight,000-10,000g/square meters/24hrs)
2锟斤拷Ultimate Overall performance
锟斤拷锟斤拷Use water-absorbing non-porous films of plastic fabric, large pressure and moisture permeability materials, adapted into the harsh environments of all kinds of out of doors distraction. Films with absorbing properties of steam and h2o, height avoiding dew and damp air within the fit. (Water pressure resistance: 20,000mm h2o vapor permeability: 20,000g/square meters/24hrs)
锟斤拷锟斤拷3锟斤拷High Overall performance
锟斤拷锟斤拷Oriented water resistant strain resistance, significant moisture permeable fabric, laminated water resistant perform of processing when sustaining substantial ranges and realizing drinking water vapor permeability it. (H2o strain resistance: 20,000mm more water vapor permeability: ten,000g/square meters/24hrs)

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